root beer float

August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day. Although there is much debate over who created the first ice cream float, there is no question that kids loved the idea from the beginning. Adults were, however, a little more cautious. Because carbonated beverage laid claim to curing a multitude of ailments, it was considered by many local governments as a controlled substance and, therefore, could not be purchased on Sunday. But busy soda fountains simply created a soda-less version and thus, the ice cream sundae was born!


The most popular ice cream float is of course the “Root Beer Float” also known as the Black Cow, which is, of course, what we call our delicious root beer float made with Mug Root Beer and Meadowgold Vanilla Ice Cream. If you plan to make a root beer float at home, remember to add a scoop of ice cream to your glass of root beer and not the other way around – or we promise you will end up with a very big mess!


Happy National Root Beer Float Day!