New Mexico has the green chili burger and Minneapolis has the Juicy Lucy.  What unique regional burger is Denver known for?

There are a lot of great burgers in Denver and elsewhere in there in the world.  At Gunther Toody’s we’re pretty proud of the delicious, all American burgers that we serve.  All around the country there are restaurants that have created so many kinds of amazing burgers from the most outrageous, to the most expensive, and the most unique.  One of the most interesting things about burgers is that they can be adapted in so many ways.  A lot of cities and areas in the country have their created unique regional burgers; something that is distinctly their own and not available anywhere else.

The Juicy Lucy served at Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis features a lava flow of gooey cheese sandwiched between two burger patties. You can find other similar stuffed burgers with different names on other menus in the city.  Ted’s Restaurant in Meridan, Connecticut is known for their one-of-a-kind steamed cheeseburger, which is prepared in custom metal trays that fit into a small steam cabinet.  Ted’s has been serving this unique regional burger for over 100 years.

In this region green chili reigns supreme and in New Mexico you can find a number of burgers topped with the state’s favorite pepper.  Some of the most noted green chili cheeseburgers come from the Santa Fe Bite and the Horseman’s Haven Café in Santa Fe, the Owl Bar in San Antonio, and the 66 Diner in Albuquerque.  Native to Denver is the jalapeno-cream cheese burger, which is served at a number of burger joints in town.  This creamy, spicy concoction has a cult following in Denver and was even featured on the Travel Channel.

At Solly’s Grille in Milwaukie, Wisconsin you’ll find the outrageous Butter Burger which is, of course, both cooked in and topped with lots of butter.  At the Hukilau Café in Laie, Hawaii you can enjoy their signature burger topped with teriyaki sauce, pineapple and a fried egg.

If you’re looking for a delicious, unique regional burger come to Gunther Toody’s and give our Green Chili Burger a try!  It comes topped with our diner-made green chili, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and fresh jalapenos.


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